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Essential Oils

Does your new project call for the use of essential oils? Let Compagnie Parento supply your needs with our broad line of quality essential oils. Just request a sample of the oil you need from our Sample Request page or email us at

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Custom Fragrance Blends

Does your new project need a special fragrance to mask a specific unwanted odor? Let Compagnie Parento help you with your tough projects by creating a fragrance that will work in your difficult base. You may contact us by email at

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Over a century and still going strong.

Compagnie Parento, Inc. has been a proud supplier of fragrances to many of the major manufacturers of perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, toiletries, household products, detergents, waxes and polishes for over 100 years.

After a century of fragrance creation at Compagnie Parento, Inc., our perfumers have a vast library of formulations at their fingertips. We are uniquely suited to create new or classic fragrances in all product categories with nuances for every trend.

Since 1901, Compagnie Parento, Inc. has forged close working relationships with each individual customer tailoring fragrances that meet their exact requirements. Some companies have been purchasing our products for over 70 years.

Our customers are never burdened with minimum order policies or unreasonable lead time. Our goal is simply to supply what you need when you need it.

Order fragrance samples on line from our list or tell us how we can create a fragrance that will meet your need.

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Fragrance List. Multiple Options Available.

We offer fragrances in multiple categories.

These are some to name few: Automotive Products , Bath And Body Products, Candles, Cosmetics, Detergents, Hair Care, Hard Surface Cleaners, Janitorial Products, Laundry & Home Care, Masking Agents, Milled & Glycerine Soaps, Personal Care Products, Pet Care Products, Pharmaceuticals, Room Fresheners, Scratch And Sniff Applications, Waxes And Polishes

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Our History. Over 100 Years in the Making.

Addington Doolittle, founder of Compagnie Parento, Inc. believed it was time to break the American dependency on imported perfumes and start an American manufacturing operation. Compagnie Parento, Inc. began creating and producing fragrance oils in the United States just after the turn of the 20th century.

Eugene C. Barton, one of the founding members of the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), was the second owner of Compagnie Parento, Inc.

Upon Mr. Barton's Death in 1976, Roger T. Kiley, president of Flavor Sciences, Inc. purchased Compagnie Parento, Inc. Mr Kiley brought the two firms together to form a full-scale domestic flavor and fragrance operation headquartered in North Carolina.

Today, after our 100 year history, Compagnie Parento, Inc. is a proud supplier of fragrance oils to some of the finest companies in America and abroad.

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Address: Compagnie Parento Incorporated, 652 Nuway Circle, Lenior, NC 28645

Fax: (828) 758-2424

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